The #IOweBora honor roll

This list represents donors who have provided financial support to Bora Zivkovic and his family in honor of his contributions to them personally and to the larger science community.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated and I hope that by listing your blogs, books, and Twitter accounts here, you gain some new readers.  Love, Abel


Maria Wolters – Speech and Science, Twitter

Kristi VogelThe Gulf Stream Blog

anisogamyanisogamy, Twitter

Anne Jefferson – Highly Allochthonous, Twitter

Ed YongNot Exactly Rocket Science, Twitter

Chris RowanHighly Allochthonous, Twitter

Carlos HottaScienceBlogs Brasil, Brontossauros em meu Jardim, Twitter

Lars FischerFischblog (, Twitter

Razib KhanGene Expression, Twitter

Kevin ZelnioDeep Sea News, Twitter

Jacquelyn Dropek Twitter

Brian KruegerLabSpaces, Twitter

Gregory GburSkulls in the Stars, UNC-Charlotte webpage

Jason GoldmanThe Thoughtful Animal, Twitter

Colin SchultzCMBR, Twitter

DrugMonkeyDrugMonkey (SB), DrugMonkey (WP), Twitter, #IOweBora blogpost 1 and 2

SynchroniumSynchronium, Twitter

Martin FennerGobbledygook , Twitter

Vanessa WoodsBonobo Handshake, Twitter

Bill HookerOpen Reading Frame, Twitter

Glendon MellowThe Flying Trilobite, Twitter

Janet StemwedelAdventures in Ethics and Science, Twitter

Sheril KirshenbaumThe Intersection, Twitter


Greg LadenGreg Laden’s Blog, Quiche Moraine, Twitter, #IOweBora blogpost 1 and 2

Peggy BettsTwitter


Alex WildMyrmecos

Anonymous from North Carolina

Karyn TraphagenTwitter

Diana Nevins

Eric Juve

Paul CancellieriTwitter

Eric M JohnsonPrimate Diaries, Twitter


Anonymous from Wisconsin

Jerry Anning

David DobbsNeuron Culture, Twitter

Maryn McKennaSUPERBUG (the blog), SUPERBUG (the book), Twitter

Jan Steinbrecher

Marie-Claire Shanahan University of Alberta, Science EducationTwitter

Anonymous from Germany

Christopher Taylor

Karen JamesThe Beagle Project Blog, Twitter

Birger Johansson

Brian SwitekLaelaps, Twitter

biochembelle There and (hopefully) back again, Twitter

Kate Clancy Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology (UIUC), Twitter

The Science GoddessWhat It’s Like on the Inside, Twitter

Marc ScheloskeEcholot, Twitter

Sally Church Twitter

Maggie KoerthBoingBoing, Twitter

Arikia MillikanThe Millikan Daily, arikia.comTwitter

A Fellow Jewish Atheist

William Gunn Synthesis, Twitter

Liz DitzI Speak of Dreams, Twitter


Travis SaundersObesity Panacea, Twitter

Liz BorkowskiThe Pump Handle

Becky WardIt Takes 30

Stephanie ZvanAlmost Diamonds, Twitter, #IOweBora blogpost

Claudia SawyerTwitter

Caitlin BurkeMarmoset Media, Twitter

Tara SmithAetiology, Twitter

Carolyn Tysor

Arvind SaysArvind Says, Twitter

Zuska Thus Spake Zuska (shiny new), Thus Spake Zuska (classic)

ScicuriousAre You Scicurious?, Twitter

Juergen SchoensteinGeograffitico

Jennifer OueletteCocktail Party Physics, Twitter

Kristin Mueller

James Ramsey

WanderinWeeta WanderinWeeta, Twitter

Krazy KittyAmerican Rhapsody, Twitter

Joe Nall

Joshua Smith

Bernard Glassman

Madhusudan Katti – Reconciliation Ecology, Leafwarbler, Twitter

Michael Barton The Dispersal of Darwin, Twitter

Ken Rokos

Richard Wilson

The African Knights

Jim Dunn Avian Images (photography site)

Mark Cettie

Graham SteelMcBlawg, Twitter

Lenore RammEclectic Gob of Tangential Verbosity, Twitter, Eronel Designs (handmade jewelry)

Kristjan Wager (2X)- Pro-Science, Twitter#IOweBora post

Misha AngristHere Is A Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics, Twitter

Sandeep GautamThe Mouse TrapTwitter

Mark Hahnel Science 3.0, Twitter (Kindly donated from Graham Steel’s PayPal acct b/c Mark’s is borked)

Joerg Wegner

Ivan OranskyEmbargo Watch, Twitter

Jan Steinbrecher

Kim & Patty Gainer

William Metz

Cameron Neylon Science in the Open, Twitter

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