Famous African-Americans on Twitter (via Wayne Sutton)

Wayne Sutton is to social media what Bora Zivkovic is to science blogging.
So, I got this tweet today from Wayne from Blackhippychick’s Blog on 100 Black Twitterers of note:

Are you curious to know what the African American Community is twittering about then check out these 100 Black Twitters. The ones chosen except in a very few cases update daily. The last 50 are demographically based and are based on the number of followers or on a claim of being a celebrity. writing about celebrities or connected to one.

(So, Mom, we talked about Twitter – it’s like a miniblog. You get to post 140 characters at a time (such as “@abelpharmboy i really love my mom!!!!11!!!ELEVENTY!!!” – then other people who care about what you say “follow” you. I follow people whose opinions I care about or who have news feeds; there are also famous people who do this such as the President (until he was actually inaugurated) and PalMD).
I’ve actually been using Twitter more often than reading blogs these days (other than my 28 must-reads) because one can quickly get info on filtered, referred content since the folks I follow generally care about the same stuff I do: education and career development, drugs and the pharma/biotech industry, pharmacy and medicine, skeptic blogs, local stuff.
Among my faves:

@blogdiva Tech blogger and web developer
@ronaldlewis What’s it like in Denver? He’ll tell you [APB: also author of the upcoming book, “Stick It To The Man: How To Skirt the Law, Scam Your Enemies, and Screw Big, Fat, Stupid, Lazy Corporations…For Fun and Profit.”
@RolandSMartin1 Roland Martin of CNN is so lovable like a Teddy Bear; we know he’s bled sweat and tears to get on CNN
…and, of course:
@blackhippychick web developer, social and political commentator [APB: and the inspiration for this post]

And while I lack the gravitas of these fine tweeple, my Twitter feed is obviously @abelpharmboy.

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