Abel sez: Vote for Shelley!

Vote for Shelley!
Welcome readers, I am Dr John Jacob Abel, namesake of the proprietor of this blog and The Father of American Pharmacology. Among my many scientific and educational accomplishments was my establishment of the first American Department of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan in 1891.
It has come to my attention through something called a “blog” that a fellow Wolverine and neuroscience trainee, Dr-to-be Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle!, is competing for a student blogging scholarship worth $10,000 offered by CollegeScholarships.org (vote here). Shelley was very kind to take this picture of me at my display at UMich and pass it along to Dr Pharmboy before they joined ScienceBlogs. She has a deep appreciation for the history of neuropharmacology and neuroscience and is currently studying how to prevent and treat deafness. She’s a superb graduate student and a great ambassador for her university and her discipline. Her newfangled “blog” is very well-written, with a depth and breadth of understanding that I have found rarely in PhD students.
Despite the fact that I’ve been dead since 1938, I consider Shelley a friend and colleague. I understand that being a graduate student is a lot more expensive than in my day and I’m certain that your support of Shelley will pay dividends in helping her along in her career development. (Vote for Shelley!). Only one vote can be registered from a single IP address (whatever that is) but that means you can vote from your home computer, work computer, and web phone, etc.
Please consider supporting this fine young scientist….and Go Blue!
Vote for Shelley!

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