“Eating Fabulous” endorsement

Natural products is an interesting field of science since various parts of it appeal greatly to different segments of the general public.
Hence, we are very excited and honored to be recognized by the culinary functional foods and nutraceuticals blog, Eating Fabulous, written by Ruth Schaffer at b5media.
Interestingly, we were recognized for our general content on dietary supplements. I must certainly make Ms. Schaffer aware of the intermittent weekly installments of The Friday Fermentable, especially with the more culinary contributions of my more learned oenology and cancer research compatriot, Erleichda.
Regardless, welcome readers of Eating Fabulous and thank you to Ruth for your endorsement. Eat well and take good care of yourselves.

3 thoughts on ““Eating Fabulous” endorsement

  1. You’re welcome, and thanks for the mention, too. Just want to clarify, though, that Eating Fabulous is not a culinary blog (I’m such a klutz in the kitchen, I won’t dare :)). It’s actually a blog about functional foods and nutraceuticals, and your entry on resveratrol and aging got me hooked :).

  2. Ruth, my apologies – note the correction above. Your lovely pictures across the site made my mouth water, but I now realize that you are heavy on the functional foods as a “non-dieting dietician.” Thanks for the pick.
    anjou, can I just hire you as my publicist?

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