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Previous K2 Spice/synthetic marijuana coverage in The Washington Post

An even better legacy media article on synthetic marijuana products and compounds by Michael Savage in Saturday’s WaPo.

Hallucinations and hospitalizations: Angel’s Trumpet

Toxicity reports are re-emerging in southern California this week after a dozen hospitalizations of kids using teas made from a fragrant flowering plant called Angel’s Trumpet. A tea made from the plants is used to produce hallucinations, but they can progress to extremely unpleasant experiences. Moreover, Angel’s Trumpet can be deadly, accelerating the heart rate […]

Agility of the community college system in preparing for BP oil spill landfall

Key West Community College demonstrates an important purpose of a strong, geographically-diverse community education system.

What’s my poison? Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, author, professor Deborah Blum

Her latest book, The Poisoner’s Handbook, appeals to my love of chemistry, toxicology, and the history of science and medicine. And now she’s here at ScienceBlogs!

Indiana University student’s suicide due to hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

A standout biochemistry major, minor in mathematics and psychology, and cellist.

Another hydrogen sulfide (H2S) suicide, with altruism

The new trend in “detergent suicide” attempts is to leave warning notes for emergency personnel. Sadly, those ending their own lives think more about others than themselves.

Heavy metal-laden African morning sickness remedy now found in New York City

Seen in December in Texas, lead and arsenic-containing calabar chalk is now being sold in NYC – pass the word to physicians as well as colleagues who are from West African nations. “voluntarily” recalls 17 steroid-laden dietary supplements

Once again, a reason why some dietary supplements may seem to work: they contain undeclared, pharmacologically-active compounds.


Why beagles, not squirrels, for FDA-mandated long-term pharmaceutical safety assessment studies?

Is Alexa Ray Joel’s “homeopathic overdose” possible?

If Traumeel is truly homeopathic, there is absolutely no way this product could have caused Joel’s hospitalization. But is it truly homeopathic?


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