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Kodak Zi8 Love-Hate Relationship

A Luddite struggles to edit .mov files.

Attention Evil Geniuses and Kids: MakerFaireNC today!

If you’re in the Triangle, Triad, or anywhere from Richmond to Charlotte, here’s something fun to do on this soggy Sunday in the Southeast.

Orange juice a better source for potassium than Gatorade®

Is this a Good Thing for exercising and/or a concern for patients on cardiovascular meds?

Former date rape drug reincarnated as answer to unmet medical needs

Another public health benefit of studying drugs of abuse. You just never know where new drugs will come from.

Did the patient fail the treatment or did we fail the patient?

Referring to clinical drug resistance or refractoriness to therapy as “the patient failed the treatment” is pissing me off this morning before I have my coffee.

Barry Yeoman’s “Green-Collar Work Plan” excerpted in new issue of Utne Reader

An encouraging and exceedingly well-written piece on the economic promise of the renewable energy industry for communities decimated by the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Toaster Sunshine channels Jack White for science and technology outreach

There’s a lot to be said for building shit just to see if it works.

Why do expensive hotels charge for Internet while less-expensive ones don’t?

I already Googled it without an answer. Any marketing genius want to weigh in?

Gary Taubes (Good Calories, Bad Calories) to speak at Duke

A chance to get the skinny on “Why We Get Fat: Adiposity 101 and the Alternative Hypothesis of Obesity”

Please re-write this sentence. Thank you.

I am addicted to prepositions. So kill me.


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