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Featured alumni of the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy: Sandra Leal, PharmD, CDE (repost)

I had the great pleasure last week to visit the launchpad of my academic career: the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy. ┬áRecently relocated from the historic 9th & Colorado campus in Denver, the School currently occupies academic and research buildings at the impressive new University of Colorado Denver’s […]

El Rio Community Health Center honored with 2009 APhA Pinnacle Award

The health care insurance reform debate seems to have underestimated the role of the clinically-trained pharmacist in improving care and cutting health care costs. Hands-on community-based drug management models have been operating around the US with far less fanfare than cut-rate prescriptions at Wal-Mart or CVS Caremark. Here’s an example of community-based pharmacy practice making an award-winning difference for patients with diabetes.

Naturopathy drug prescribing proposal in Ontario: Rx for a liability nightmare

It seems to me that naturopathy adopts either science-based medicine or pseudoscience depending on the venue in which it serves the organization.

Sandra Leal, PharmD, CDE: A Hispanic Heritage Month Interview on What Pharmacy Can (and Should) Be

Role model, mother, health care leader, and advocate for the underserved, sits down with Terra Sigillata to share her story and what the practice of pharmacy can contribute in health care reform.

Franck’s pharmacy tech claims unjust termination in polo horse deaths; sues under Florida Whistle-Blower’s Act

Cost-cutting or retaliation in what I still suspect was a mcg/mg units mistake or other decimal point error in pharmacy compounding.

Biodyl, Franck’s Pharmacy, and Florida Polo Horse Deaths: Guaranteed It’s the Decimal Point

I think it was the sodium selenite; PharmGirl, MD, thinks it was the potassium. These horse deaths raise questions about the role of pharmacy compounding and why this supplement wasn’t being sold in the US in the first place.

University of Colorado student died of opium tea overdose

A lesson could have been learned from the 1806 example of the German chemist and pharmacist, Friedrich Wilhelm Sertürner.

Up from the comments: Pharmacist objection to legitimate MS Contin prescription

Pharmacist autonomy leads to denial of rural cancer patient’s pain meds. What are the responsibilities of being a licensed agent of the state?

Homeopath to be awarded honorary Doctor of Science from first US school of pharmacy

The complicity of revered academic institutions in the promotion of pseudoscience today takes another step forward. The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP), known formerly as the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (PCP&S), will bestow an honorary Doctor(ate) of Science on John A Borneman, III, to celebrate their Founders’ Day.

Doctor, doctor, give me the news*

While my colleagues defend “Dr” for PhDs, do you take issue with NDs or PharmDs using the same honorific?


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