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Sustained interest in K2 Spice, JWH-018, and related currently-legal cannabimimetic products

USA Today’s Donna Leinwand spoke yesterday of proposed K2 Spice bans across the US. But a careful analysis of our traffic raises questions as to whether the US military is about to make a move in this regard.

What’s the buzz?: Synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice, JWH-018

A (currently) legal form of cannabimimetic compounds come under fire in America’s heartland.

University of Colorado student died of opium tea overdose

A lesson could have been learned from the 1806 example of the German chemist and pharmacist, Friedrich Wilhelm Sertürner.

Century-old rule of chemistry overturned? Meh, not so fast

When a press release claims the smashing of a century-old rule in biochemical pharmacology and physiology, one must take a few minutes and examine a bit of the literature from those intervening hundred years. Sorry, but Overton is not overturned.

A celebration of life-saving natural products

UPenn’s Philip Rea tells the story of Akira Endo and the discovery of statins better than I have ever seen. Good Friday night drinking reading.

Detecting ESA (EPO) doping in sports

Jake Young, the MD/PhD student blogging at Pure Pedantry, has a great post this week on the detection of a novel formulation of the erythropoiesis stimulating agent (ESA) erythropoietin in Riccardo Riccó, the Italian cyclist who was thrown out of the Tour de France. Jake’s post is a superb primer on the use of this […]

Can academic drug discovery programs improve on pharma’s relative stagnation?

A paper in last month’s issue of Nature Reviews Drug Discovery reported that US drug approvals during 2007 were the lowest number since 1983. (17 new molecular entities and 2 biologicals; see this figure for 1996-2007 data.) The review cites increased regulatory action as a factor in this reduction, especially following high-profile post-marketing safety issues […]

Looking for expert commentary on generic “follow-on” biologics

What are the political, legal, and scientific barriers to approving generic protein therapeutics in the US when Europe already does?

Don’t drink the denture cleanser, don’t swallow the inhalation capsules

A needlessly complicated inhaler design and allergic reactions to cleanser components top this latest overview of advisories from the good folks at the US Food & Drug Administration.

Are generic drugs inferior to the corresponding brand names?

Cheaper, yes. Equal, maybe not so much.


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