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Warning: rare self-indulgent post. Blogging has been and will be light over the next few days while we are packing up things around here to move to our next, more permanent home. In the meantime, you may have noticed here and on Twitter that part of my big news is that I will begin writing […]

Louisiana K2 ban hurts convenience stores, but is there a homeopathy loophole?

I’m trying not to make this the synthetic marijuana blog but the news on K2, Spice, and other “herbal incense” products keeps coming fast and furious. This weekend, I saw a Lake Charles, Louisiana story from KPLC-TV coincident with the statewide ban on synthetic marijuana products that took effect on August 15th following legislation signed […]

K2 Spice associated with death of young Indiana mother of two

Welcome to readers arriving via Adam Brown’s referral from I’ve since moved my blog where I have written extensively on the fake weed phenomenon over the last year-and-a-half. Click here to read my compilation of synthetic marijuana posts at the new home of this blog.     From the overnight e-mail referrals of PharmGirl, […]

From Mind Hacks: Illegal drugs found in legal highs sold in the UK

I’ve been kind of tied up with work things this week so my apologies for lack of original content. But I just had to share this with you because it was so reminiscent of the herbal adulteration story I brought you just a few days ago. Many times when I post something on drugs that […]

Previous K2 Spice/synthetic marijuana coverage in The Washington Post

An even better legacy media article on synthetic marijuana products and compounds by Michael Savage in Saturday’s WaPo.

K2 Spice, JWH-018, and synthetic marijuana make The New York Times

Blog comments from users experiencing seizures, paranoia, and heart problems are likely representative of over 500 reports made to US poison control centers.

Hallucinations and hospitalizations: Angel’s Trumpet

Toxicity reports are re-emerging in southern California this week after a dozen hospitalizations of kids using teas made from a fragrant flowering plant called Angel’s Trumpet. A tea made from the plants is used to produce hallucinations, but they can progress to extremely unpleasant experiences. Moreover, Angel’s Trumpet can be deadly, accelerating the heart rate […]

Exposing quackery and abuse in the addictions treatment industry

The 75th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous has brought out a great deal of press on the positive side of the movement while largely ignoring its ugly underbelly. Here are some sources for alternatives.

Brendan Koerner in Wired how, why, and if Alcoholics Anonymous works

An example of excellent science, medicine, and health writing on a topic dear to my heart and liver.

Sustained interest in K2 Spice, JWH-018, and related currently-legal cannabimimetic products

USA Today’s Donna Leinwand spoke yesterday of proposed K2 Spice bans across the US. But a careful analysis of our traffic raises questions as to whether the US military is about to make a move in this regard.


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