Terra Sigillata finds the right chemistry at CENtral Science

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CENtral Science is the blog presence of the weekly ACS magazine, Chemical & Engineering News

Well, as I’ve been alluding to, I’ve decided to leave this state of indie blog purgatory and join CENtral Science, the blog platform of the American Chemical Society’s Chemical and Engineering News.

C&EN is a weekly publication of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society that counts 161,000 members across chemistry-related disciplines. Their blog, C&ENtral Science was retooled last March to establish seven blogs written by several C&EN editors and staff writers.

The CENtral Science blogs and their descriptions are as follows:

Cleantech Chemistry by Melody Voith with Alex Tullo

The Cleantech Chemistry blog will take a close look at the business and technology strategies of a number of companies – many of them new – that hope to serve the world’s need for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, clean water, and non-polluting manufacturing and transportation, among other cleantech sectors.

Just Another Electron Pusher by Leigh Krietsch Boerner

Just Another Electron Pusher will keep you informed about non-traditional careers in chemistry. Here we talk to people who’ve pursued professions away from the bench about what they do and how they got there. We’ll also follow our blogging heroine in her quest for a satisfying job that uses her degree, but doesn’t involve running any %$@& columns.

Newscripts by Lauren Wolf, Bethany Halford, and Rachel Pepling

“Newscripts” is the companion blog to the like-named weekly C&EN column. Here you’ll find even more quirky news nuggets plus videos, polls, and photo galleries.

The Chemical Notebook by Alex Tullo with Melody Voith

The name directly encapsulates what the blog is meant to be. The topic is the chemical industry: those companies such as Dow, ExxonMobil, BASF, and DuPont that are engaged in the chemical transformation of one molecule to another as of part of a manufacturing stream that ultimately results in products suitable for daily use. By “notebook” what is meant is a reporter’s notebook. The blog aims to make use of those interesting tidbits of the sort found in a reporter’s notebook but might not fit neatly in the print edition of C&EN for one reason or another.

The Editors’ Blog by Rudy M. Baum and A. Maureen Vorhi

There’s nothing cute about the name of this blog or its contents. The only thing to note about the title is that “Editors” is plural, as both Rudy M. Baum, C&EN editor-in-chief, and A. Maureen Rouhi, C&EN deputy editor-in-chief, will host it.

The content you can always expect to find here is the current week’s editorial. We hope readers will use the Editors’ Blog to add their own point of view on the topic being discussed in the editorial. We’ll do our best to respond to comments as they come in. Occasionally, we’ll post an additional entry during the week when something of interest comes to our attention.

The Haystack by Lisa Jarvis and Carmen Drahl

C&EN editors Lisa Jarvis and Carmen Drahl weed through pharma’s molecular mountain to pluck out the drug developments worth noting. Coverage spans science and business context for drug industry news; spotlights on academic and industry conferences; interview outtakes and updates from drug discovery features in C&EN’s pages; and the employment prospects for chemists working in life sciences.

The Safety Zone by Jyllian Kemsley and Jeff Johnson

The Safety Zone covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs and in manufacturing. The blog is a place for exchange and discussion of lab and plant safety and accident information without the fanfare of a news article. The lead writers are C&EN associate editor Jyllian Kemsley and senior correspondent Jeff Johnson. The blog also includes contributions from other C&EN staff writers as well as health and safety experts in academia, corporations, and government.

I’m delighted to join this fantastic group of writers and will focus on the chemistry aspects of natural products – from prescription and OTC drugs to herbal and non-botanical supplements.

My initial welcome post at the CENtral Science home of Terra Sigillata provides the backstory on my move to my chemistry roots.

I apologize for moving again about a month after leaving ScienceBlogs but I’m grateful that you chose to follow me here. I hope that you’ll join me over at CENtral Science.

These are interesting times. The diaspora from ScienceBlogs and mergers with indie bloggers has brought together new partnerships, such as Scientopia, and strengthened existing ones, such as Lab Spaces.

To help you keep track of these networks, Dave Munger, Anton Zuiker, and Bora Zivokvic launched this week an aggregator of science blogging networks called – no surprise – scienceblogging.org. Many thanks to these fine North Carolina gents for including CENtral Science among their featured networks.

The discerning science connoisseur have more and more choices out there and we appreciate your readership. The next time your leisure reading calls for a science blog, I hope that you’ll consider joining us at CENtral Science, the new home of Terra Sigillata.

Update your bookmarks and RSS feeds

Come to our new home at CENtral Science:


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