From Mind Hacks: Illegal drugs found in legal highs sold in the UK

I’ve been kind of tied up with work things this week so my apologies for lack of original content. But I just had to share this with you because it was so reminiscent of the herbal adulteration story I brought you just a few days ago.

Many times when I post something on drugs that affect the central nervous system, I’ll get a tweet from Dr Vaughan Bell at Mind Hacks pointing me to his coverage on the same topic a few weeks ago. This time, he shares with us a report where dietary supplements sold in England have been found to contain newly-illegal psychoactives and related compounds.

For example, before the ban, a legal pill sold as ‘Doves Original’ was advertised as containing a blend of amino acids and ketones but actually contained the psychedelic drugs mephedrone and butylone. Both were completely legal but were simply not mentioned by the manufacturers.

Interestingly, after the ban, it seems that several companies just changed their packaging without changing their ingredients.

Out of the six products tested, all advertised as being legal, five included recently banned substances – including mephedrone, 4-fluoromethcathinone and methylone – and the other contained dimethocaine, a legal but unmentioned local anaesthetic (presumably to emulate the nose-numbing effect of cocaine).

Drugmonkey, newly installed at, has in his archives a nice series of posts on mephedrone for your further reading on these compounds.

Read Vaughan’s full post here.

2 thoughts on “From Mind Hacks: Illegal drugs found in legal highs sold in the UK

  1. Ahh mephedrone.

    There was an article on The Guardian’s Sciene Blog today about mephedrone and is hasty ban in the UK:

    Also, here’s a shameless plug for quite a popular post of mine: Mephedrone: The Facts – the comments are rather interesting, including someone who regularly IV’d 1g at a time.

    May I also recommend Mephedrone Cat, who knows when enough is enough (and *may* be appearing in a text book near you soon) 😀

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