Scientopia launches – let there be w00t!

I’m delighted to announcement the launch of a new blogger-run, blogger-sponsored science blogging collective: Scientopia.

A fantastic group of 30 bloggers at 23 blogs, split roughly between former ScienceBloggers and many of my favorite science bloggers, have joined together to form this new network. No advertisements (yet) and a beautiful, clean interface. The efforts put in by this group have been heroic to essentially get this project from idea to frontpage is about three weeks.  (I know many of the parties involved in doing the heavy lifting but I’m not sure how comfortable they are with being promoted widely – all the bloggers were instrumental in drafting the collective’s code.)

As usual, Bora Zivkovic has the complete rundown with blogger names and prior and current links.  Here is the blog roll for Scientopia for easy reference – but just go to for their frontpage.

Congratulations, my friends!

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