The Chronicle morning round-up

Waiting for that coffee to take effect but want it to appear you are doing something scholarly?
Have a look at this pair of highly-read posts at The Chronicle of Higher Education:
We Must Stop the Avalanche of Low-Quality Research
The most-viewed article of the last two days at the online presence of the nation’s leading higher ed publication, this team-authored position piece has been a magnet for criticism. The thread of 102 comments (thus far) is as worthy of your time, if not more, and the humorous and insightful payoff by commenter #100 is clever and spot-on, IMHO.
Why ‘Female’ Science Professor?
Written by the Grande Dame of science professor blogging (yes, I used a gendered term but it is one of respect as coined by DrugMonkey), the “midcareer female professor of the physical sciences at a major research university” holds forth on the reasons she uses “Female” in her blog ‘nym and title. So deal.


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