Dude still allowed to host August Scientiae Carnival: Call for posts!

Scientiae_Logo_sm.jpgWell, a week has passed since I first issued a call for posts for the August Scientiae Carnival with the theme “Summer Days, Driftin’ Away.”

Consider how you balance the demands and pleasures of this season. Have you found ways to make progress on your must-dos while also taking time for your family, friends – and yourself – and being in the moment of this time of year? Or are July and August just another month for you?
And so as not to exclude our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere (where I am fortunate to draw 5-7% of my blog visitors), why don’t you take this time from your winter and reflect upon how you will enjoy your summer?
To submit entries, all you need to do is look here for submission information or read the following:
Please e-mail (to scientiaecarnival at gmail) the permalink URL to your posts to scientiaecarnival at ye olde gmail by Friday 31 July. I’ll compile them and post the carnival on either Saturday 1 August or, more likely, Sunday 2 August.

More submission details are here.
I was honored to learn that I am the first blogger bearing a Y chromosome who has been asked to host the carnival. As far as I can tell, carnival keeper skookumchick is still alive and in possession of all of her appendages and my credentials to access the Scientiae Carnival submission e-mail account still work.
So now that it is Friday, why don’t you reflect over the weekend on the theme and prepare a post? You’ve still got a whole week.
Many thanks to all who have already responded with some great contributions!


2 thoughts on “Dude still allowed to host August Scientiae Carnival: Call for posts!

  1. Do remember, however, that while Scientiae is generally a carnival of “stories of and from women in science, engineering, technology, and math,” the submission guidelines also state that, “Posts are welcome from women and men and everyone in between if they focus on the topic of the Carnival.”

  2. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the white dudes starting taking over Scientiae. Oh well, another good carnival bites the dust. Maybe pretty soon it will look just like the rest of STEM (15ish% women).
    Enjoy your hosting duties.

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