Congratulations to the UNC Tar Heels

Great timelapse video of the crowd converging on Franklin St at Columbia just below the Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery and the evolution of the bonfires that I still just do not understand.
But the best part of yesterday’s game for me was reading Ed Brayton’s recollections of his connections to the 30th anniversary of the 1979 Michigan State national champions:

So watching them win the national championship was a huge deal to me. I still remember every name, not just Magic and Greg Kelser and the stars but all the role players too – Terry Donnelly, Mike Brkovich and his brother Don, Ron Charles, Mike Longaker, Rob “Gonzo” Gonzales. And that scrapbook I have of their championship run included the homemade stat sheets I used to keep track of every point, rebound and blocked shot during every game in the tournament. Yes, I was even that geeky as an 11-year old. The point is I loved every minute of it.
So here we are 30 years later and Magic and Bird are back at the Final Four to celebrate the game that changed college basketball forever. Magic and I have both put on a few pounds in 30 years. But watching the last two weeks has brought just a glimpse of the feelings I had as an 11-year old. I can still see myself sitting on the floor of my parents’ house in Okemos, watching the game and keeping my stat sheets. It’s been fun.

Even watching the interviews last night, Magic Johnson was as bubbly as a victor could be while Larry Byrd still sounded as though he had just lost the championship.
Sounds as though I was wise to stay out of Chapel Hill last night.

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