An open letter to bloggers on my RSS aggregator

Dear Friends,
I have been so swamped lately, I cannot even spend enough time with PharmGirl and PharmKid much less find time to call my out-of-state family, what with time zones, kid bedtimes, and such.
However, each of you continue to put out a large volume of high quality posts that I really want to read fully but just can’t right now. I’ve been working for five weeks on my ScienceOnline’09 winetasting post that is still not done and will definitely miss the deadline for submitting a post to the Diversity in Science carnival. And I’ve now been getting bluescreen memory dump errors on the laptop (hmmm…ever since PalMD used the computer for one of his presentations.)
Could you please slow down so that I can get caught up?
Thank you,
Currently un-Abel


5 thoughts on “An open letter to bloggers on my RSS aggregator

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