Acupuncturist forges controlled substance prescription

I could write a post every other week, at minimum, on dietary supplements adulterated with prescription drugs – against federal law, but easy to do with bulk pharmaceuticals available from overseas and no independent product purity oversight.
But here’s a new one from the Key West Citizen:

Acupuncturist arrested
An acupuncturist who operates a business on Duck Avenue was arrested Thursday on three
felony charges. Ashley Hoyt, 45, was charged with fraud/impersonation and two counts of obtaining a controlled substance through forgery.
Hoyt operates her business Ashley Hoyt Inc. at 3420 Duck Ave., according to the Florida
Department of State Division of Corporations. The business opened in 2000.

If this was the result of personal issues of substance dependence, I wish Ms Hoyt my best in seeking rehabilitative care.
But if the compounds obtained were to be used in some herbal preparation with purported anti-anxiety or analgesic activity doled out to clients, my sympathy is hereby revoked.

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