Scientiae carnival up at acmegirl’s Thesis – With Children

I absolutely love the Scientiae blog carnival, established originally by and for women in the STEM blogosphere (but has occasionally accepted the blatherings of us with Y chromosomes).
What I enjoy most about this carnival is that the host puts out a call for posts on a specific, usually introspective topic related to being a woman in science. Since the carnival is monthly, it gives the bloggers sufficient time to really reflect and develop a solid series of wonderfully-written posts.
This month’s carnival is up at Thesis – With Children, the blog of acmegirl, a graduate student whom I admire greatly. The topic:

[F]or this month’s Scientiae Carnival, I asked you all to tell me about the doors YOU have opened and closed this year.

acmegirl opens with her own essay, one that characterizes just why I am in awe of her dedication and perseverance. Each subsequent selection comes from women across the spectrum of the career timeline and I derive great enjoyment in seeing how acmegirl’s point for reflection is interpreted by each writer in the context of their own experiences of the last year.
So pull up some couch and enjoy each of the 17 essays and think about your own doors that have opened and closed and how you are riding the waves.


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