I’m on radio silence so go say hello to new ‘bling, Dr Isis

Please accept my apologies for not letting y’all know in advance that I’d be off to an undisclosed location for activities that would minimize or ablate my blogging for a few days.
In the meantime, I learned of a happy surprise just as I was leaving town: that Dr Isis received an invitation to join ScienceBlogs.com. You’ll recognize Dr Isis as the author of On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess, previously here and now up here with her inaugural post in the new digs.
Completely serendipitously, I wrote about Isis in my last post, many moons ago, about her commentary on a recent NEJM paper that drew a lengthy discussion between the authors of the report and the sci/med blogging community.
Dr Isis has a wonderfully entertaining writing style augmented by extremely well-chosen photographs whether she is holding forth on cardiovascular physiology, discount footwear, her culinary prowess, or, in her own words, “her incredible hotness.” The realities of being a successful sci/med professional while trying to be the best mommy and wife she can be will, among other things, make your time reading Dr Isis very well spent.
I also expect her to contribute to The Friday Fermentable since:

Sometimes at the end of the day, Mama needs a glass of wine. Unfortunately, Mama sometimes then gets an urge to blog.

Please go forth welcome my dear colleague to this little slice of the ether and I shall return posthaste.

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