My 2008 Halloween costume

DrugMonkey%20225px.jpgNow THIS is frightening. A multitude of thanks to BrotherDrug for the gift certificate to their CafePress store, the DrugMonkey Blog SchwagShop. Seems that the good doctor has been rather generous of late toward his commenters as evidenced by other schwag showing up at JuniorProf and Dr Isis.
Isis claims that her sweatshirt runs larger than advertised by I’d have to say that my XL tagless(!) Hanes tee is perfect – I didn’t show the back but it also has the large DrugMonkey logo over the grey monkey featured on JuniorProf’s mug, similar to the back of Isis’ hoodie but with DrugMonkey written in flat black as opposed to the sunburst used in their masthead.
I really appreciate that DM sent the gift certificate and I’m proud to wear my shirt, but I actually would’ve paid my own money for such high quality attire. In fact, we did get an additional women’s V-neck tee but I can’t yet coax anyone to wear it on-blog.
Next time I’m on NIH business in Bethesda/Rockville or DC, I’ll be wearing this in the hotel health club just for the joy of the reactions I’ll get!

One thought on “My 2008 Halloween costume

  1. That is one sexy, sexy t-shirt, AP. I do like the little insignia on the front to compliment the large logo on the back.
    But, seriously, if your career in drugs doesn’t work out I think you should consider men’s fashion modeling. Seriously.

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