9 thoughts on “Obama’s Loss Traced To Abel

  1. That is pretty freaking funny and cool!
    BTW AP, if that happens you will be the first guy to not only live-blog his vasectomy but his castration as well.
    Also, I am in total fucking love with Comrade Mrs. Walsh.
    PS: Early voting, for the win!

  2. Done, AM. You may think that I’m being my usual maudlin self (which I am) but PharmGirl and I took PharmKid with us when early voting last Sunday and I actually felt a chill up my spine when filling in the oval for Obama. The voting precinct was staffed about 80% by Black staffers (whom we thanked profusely for working on a Sunday) so I am sure (p<0.05) that our votes will actually be counted.
    Greg, maybe I only got one b/c friends knew I already voted.

  3. We’ll see how that goes when the McCain lawyers sue to have early votes abrogated because they are unconstitutional. Just before Bush sends in the sock troops being trained right now to do battle in American cities. And so on.
    I don’t think we can vote earl in MN.

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