“Spreading faster than a case of Cancun herpes”

So said Seth Grahame-Smith on Tuesday about the Paris Hilton video that responds to John McCain’s ad comparing she and Britney Spears to Barack Obama.
I first saw the video when I was going to respond to a very nice comment here by Lisa Emrich, blogger at Brass and Ivory, musician extraordinaire, and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers. (btw, Brass and Ivory is widely regarded as one of the premiere sites not only for information on MS but, perhaps even more so, as providing tremendous insight on living with a disability – Lisa is a terrific writer).
So rather than post the video here, go over to Brass and Ivory to see the original McCain ad, the Paris Hilton response, and the backstory on the video.

I’m a fan of clever humor and Grahame-Smith nails the analysis:

Love her or hate her, you’ve gotta hand it to Paris Hilton
She just made John McCain her bitch.
In less than two minutes, she accomplished not one — but FIVE things McCain himself has been unable to do in two years of campaigning:
1) Come off as intelligent and self-effacing.
2) Present a well-reasoned energy policy.
3) Generate excitement on the internet.
4) Win over a new block of supporters.
5) Say the word “Hilton” without the preface “Hanoi.”
Yeah, I know — it’s just a funny little video. But no matter what the flacks say, I promise you they aren’t laughing over at Camp McCain. Because as you read this, that funny little video is spreading faster than a case of Cancun herpes…and it’s only Tuesday.



6 thoughts on ““Spreading faster than a case of Cancun herpes”

  1. I must be humorless or something, but I just didn’t find the video all that funny. There was considerably potential in the idea, but the execution just didn’t make me laugh.

  2. I must be humorless or something, but I just didn’t find the video all that funny.
    That was absolutely classic and hilarious political satire. Yeah, you got a humor impairment. But then, for a Lucite box, no biggie…..

  3. Orac, I didn’t find it funny either, but I think I know why: The joke is that OMG it’s Paris Hilton! saying these things. Paris Hilton has a reputation for not being a particularly serious thinker, according to what I’ve read, and the joke’s success depends on the viewer’s ability to detect and appreciate Hilton’s celebrity state, and contrast that with her unexpected erudition and reasonable response.
    In my case, the gene that expresses celebrity is switched off, so any joke that depends on celebrity detection and appreciation doesn’t work for me. It’s not as big a handicap as you might think.
    Also, I disagree with Ms. Hilton’s proposed compromise. I think that offshore drilling is a complete waste of time and money.

  4. That ad is a hoot. It’s Paris saying “f-ck you, wrinkly old white haired man, for trying to use me for your political purposes.” The joke is that as much as Paris is made fun of, she’s still more popular than McCain.
    That original McCain ad annoyed the hell out of me – basically saying that Obama was just the equivalent of some stoopid chicks, thereby insulting Obama and the women at the same time. I’m not a Britney or Paris fan but using them to put down Obama was pretty low. Kudos to Paris for striking back.

  5. The other great thing about this is that Paris didn’t resort to stoopid wink-wink dogwhistle code. She just came right out and said what we need to be talking about openly. McCain is just too damn old to be our President!

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