Shhhh! Let’s meet in the city this weekend

It appears that a number of bloggers who write under the masthead will be converging on New York City this coming weekend. For those of you who know my background, I simply call this “The City.”
I mentioned earlier that it was unlikely that I would be there due to family and job commitments (and the fact that my sister and her family were elsewhere that weekend when we could’ve otherwise had a lovely family gathering).
But with the generous blessings of PharmGirl and PharmKid, I will indeed venture to New Amsterdam for about 32 hours that will include the highly-touted ‘meet the readers’ session at an Irish pub:

We’ll be meeting at 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 9, at:
795 8th Ave (close to 48th St.)
New York, NY 10019
Social’s an Irish pub. We’ve reserved the back room

I prefer to call this even “meet the readers” rather than “meet the bloggers” event because I can’t imagine anything more boring than clamoring to meet people who write blogs. Rather, I am excited about the opportunity to press the flesh with those who read and comment – I may even buy you a pint of fine Irish ale (I’ll miss ya, John Lynch). This is a very rare case where I will break my pseudonymity in the name of appreciation for your readership.
It seems that my old online bud, Dr Val, will be showing up. Will you?
Just look for the goateed pharmacologist who looks and smells like he’s been dead for 70 years.


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