Any readers interested in hanging out in NYC on Sat 9 August?

As you may have read elsewhere on ScienceBlogs, a bunch o’ bloggers will be converging on New York City (“The City” as I knew it growing up) on Saturday, 9 August.
Seed Media Group, the host of this blog network, is proposing a meet the bloggers session sometime around 3 pm EDT somewhere in the city – certainly air-conditioned – and will offer some swag, a few vittles, and other such items of pleasure beyond the opportunity to meet the faces behind these words. I’ve been told that I have a great face for radio.
I was not originally not scheduled to attend as my sort-of-local sister will be elsewhere with her family that weekend and other issues have arisen that might keep me home. However, I might be able to scrape up a few doubloons and get a 24-hour furlough to meet some of y’all.
Seed has asked us to get a headcount of readers potentially interested in coming out for such a soiree so let me know in the comments if you care to meet some of the ScienceBlogs bloggers, regardless of whether I can attend.

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