Recommended post: How could Amy Winehouse have emphysema?

When I first heard that 24-year-old British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was hospitalized with early stage emphysema I said “what?” DrugMonkey, a drug-abuse research colleague, has a terrific post up now on the link between Winehouse’s crack cocaine use, possible genetic predisposition, and the emergence of early-onset emphysema.
While sad to see a very young person so afflicted, I tend to be fascinated scientifically by these odd medical cases involving natural products – often drugs of abuse.
I’m also particularly impressed by Amy Winehouse’s tremendous vocal talents and songwriting abilities. Her jazz and soul vocal style has been described as reminiscent of legends like Sara Vaughn and I find it striking that her songs are considered pop music in 2008. But like many incredible musicians before her, Winehouse at 24 has more legal problems, drug abuse issues and violent, self-destructive behaviors than most people might accumulate in several dozen lives. I echo DrugMonkey’s call to Winehouse and her dad that she avail herself ofserious acute and long-term medical intervention, and soon.
So, while my personal output here is a bit slow, mosey on over to DrugMonkey for a lovely medical discussion of the Winehouse emphysema case.

One thought on “Recommended post: How could Amy Winehouse have emphysema?

  1. Emphysema is scary. Routine asthma can cause a lowering og lung capacity as in my case.
    BTW have you heard of the book Detoxify or Die by Sherry Rogers? I’m reading it and it sounds interesting. Do you have a take on it? I’m a novice on this topic.

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