Erin Shaughnessy Zuiker, JD, MPH

Oy vey, am I embarrassed for missing this piece of good news. Last month, Erin Zuiker graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law.
Folks in the local and international science blogging community may recognize that Erin is the better half of Anton Zuiker, science blogger extraordinaire and co-founder with Bora Zivkovic of the former NC Science Blogging Conference (to be known next year as ScienceOnline’09) and leader of the BlogTogether movement.
Conference attendees this past year may not know that Erin Zuiker was solely responsible for securing and delivering the Mexican paletas from Locopops as our afternoon snack. For that alone, she deserves the gratitude of us all.
Erin and their girls are also very generous (and brave) to open their home to all kinds of bloggers for periodic barbecues and she is well known to PharmKid in the expert mommy-trademarked application of Benadryl ointment for mosquito bites.
Some of my colleagues have recently been speaking of the SuperWomenz in their lives and Erin is clearly one of them.
Heartiest, but belated, congratulations, Counselor!


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