5 thoughts on “Behaviorial pharmacology, behind the scenes

  1. Thanks for the chortles.
    That brought to mind one of the first pieces of pharmacology humor I ever saw — I think it was in 1962 at the FASEB meetings in Atlantic City. A group of grad students and post-docs from the pharmacology department of one of the London medical schools showed a movie they’d put together, ostensibly for recruiting new grad students in pharmacology — done in the style of the “Carry On…” movies which were very popular at that time. It was hilarious. I wonder if any copies still exist.

  2. The test subject, a common house mouse, briskly traversed the complicated wooden maze in under 30 seconds or, according to the study’s final report, roughly 1/8,789,258 as long as it took the lab to secure funding for the experiment.
    this was a serious screen cleaning moment.

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