I Am Naughty – Grand Rounds 4.31

So says Dr Val Jones at Dr Val’s Revolution Health Blog, host of this week’s Grand Rounds medical blog carnival. The good doctor classified the posts as follows:

[:-)] = A post that demonstrates literary excellence
[{] = Early bird – an author who got his/her submission in early, which is really convenient for the host(ess)
[:-/] = Naughty – an author who forgot to submit an entry to Grand Rounds but who was included nonetheless

Hence, Val classifies me as naughty because she was kind enough to include my post, “Must people die before DSHEA is repealed?,” even though I was so inconsiderate in forgetting to submit for this week’s Grand Rounds.
So, go on over to Dr Val’s and read Grand Rounds 4.31, the best of this week’s medical blogosphere. My nomination for most entertaining post comes from Dr Rob’s Musings of a Distractible Mind and his post on parenting tips, including why one shouldn’t let their child blow up 213 balloons with their nose.

3 thoughts on “I Am Naughty – Grand Rounds 4.31

  1. Thanks for this post, my well-meaning but naughty friend. Your work is excellent, and you should be sending it to Grand Rounds each week. The WWF theme for next week might suit your smack down style.
    And my last name is Jones (not Smith). Or were you making fun of me ’cause I have a simple last name? 😉 I know I spelled Abel wrong – but I fixed it.
    P.S. My post tomorrow is a “smack down” for the CMS denial of Bexxar to lymphoma patients – you will like it I think.

  2. Dr Rob, it’s a great post. I had not read your blog previously so the carnival really gives us a chance to catch up on new developments in the med blogosphere.
    Oh boy, I’m just going from bad to worse, Val. I know your name quite well but I must’ve been so flustered writing this post that I got it wrong (fixed now). Indeed, I need to be better about supporting the carnival – thanks for your vote of confidence as well as for highlighting the CMS nightmare with radioimmunotherapy for lymphoma.

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