NCAA hoops tournament: great time for vasectomy

Your Humble Blogger has suddenly become the go-to guy in the blogosphere for all things vasectomy. I don’t know why.
So I’ve embraced becoming an ambassador for the double-snip and bring you a clever radio marketing campaign from the Oregon Urology Institute in Springfield:

Guys, what would you endure for a weekend in paradise? To not only be able to watch a potential of 48 first- and second- round games of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on TV, but to do so with free pizza and total sympathy from your spouse?

Together with Justin Myers of the ESPN Radio “Sports Idol” radio show, the Oregon urology practice is offering a promotion for “a 24-man bracket” to undergo their vasectomies, 12 each on 19 and 20 March:

“Your friends at The Score,” Myers says in the ad, “will set you up with a recovery kit that includes a bag of frozen peas, sports magazines, free pizza delivery, plus more.”

The lighthearted approach to the procedure is getting many men over their hesitations to undergo the quick and relatively painless procedure as the clinic had filled 10 of their slots by this past Monday:

“We were joking about who wouldn’t love to have a vasectomy so they could recover by watching March Madness,” says Terry FitzPatrick, the institute’s administrator. . .
. . .”I thought it was a great idea,” says Dr. Brady Walker, 38, one of the institute’s doctors. “Guys would, electively, never have anybody do anything to their testicles. That’s just the male mentality.”
But throw in the allure of pizza, a doctor’s ‘no-exerting-yourself’ edict and four days of watching low-seeded teams challenge high-seeded teams – and a man’s nobility might soar like Maarty Leunen on a breakaway jam.

Of course, guys, you should really do this in honor and recognition of your wife’s suffering in bringing your children into the world. Nine long months and the pain, as described by comedian Carol Burnett as, “like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head,” trumps four days of mild discomfort.
But, heck, whatever it takes – plus this marketing approach seems to work among the otherwise carefree demographic of the Eugene/Springfield/Bend area – a place where this Sunday morning’s headline reads, “Naked bike riders, police clash,” “an event intended as a whimsical demonstration against oil dependency and a celebration of the human body.”
/resists urge to conclude post with a pun

Source: Bob Welch of The Eugene Register-Guard as reprinted on the website for Oregon Urology Institute – the original article is now behind a paywall.

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