NIDA job opportunity for molecular neurobiologist

This just in tonight from the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse for those looking for a Ph.D.-level position outside of the laboratory:

NIDA seeks Molecular Biologist to Direct NIDA Program in Molecular Neurobiology: Under Represented Minorities Are Encouraged to Apply.
The DHHS and NIH is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Health Scientist Administrator, GS-601-13/14 NIDA
Salary Range: $82,961.00 -$127,442.00 USD per year
Location: Rockville, MD 20892
Open Period: Thursday, February 14, 2008 to Sunday, March 23, 2008
Job Announcements: NIDA-08-237161-MP and NIDA-08-237161-DE
Major Duties:
The incumbent serves as a Health Scientist Administrator responsible for the independent design, development, and implementation of a national grant and contract program focusing on studies to investigate the molecular genetic basis of addiction vulnerability, the fundamental cellular mechanisms that underlie addiction and the response to drugs of abuse. The incumbent will make independent judgments about important areas of research, take initiative and responsibility to identify areas requiring special emphasis, design appropriate approaches, identify resources, determine goals, and evaluate the progress of such research. The incumbent identifies scientists necessary for the development of research strategies appropriate to the analysis of high priority problems and encourages the submission of research applications of high quality
Duties also include determining the need for national and international meetings, conferences, workshops, or technical reviews to be supported by NIDA or other organizations; assisting applicants and grantees by providing substantive information about relevant NIDA programs and grant mechanisms, assisting in them in the application and submission phases, providing practical and helpful advice and guidance that reflects a clear understanding of technical issues, the state of the current knowledge in the field, and program priorities.
For more information and to apply see attachments or contact:
Maryann Postorino
Human Resources Specialist (Team Lead)
NIH, OHR, Client Services Division
2115 East Jefferson Street, Room 2A-205
301-451-5688 FAX

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