More evidence Flying Dog is blog-friendly beer

The e-ink wasn’t even dry last night on my Friday Fermentable post about the Flying Dog Open Source Beer project before I received a comment from Josh Mishell, Creative Manager for the brewery:

Thanks for writing about our Open Source Beer! $12.79 is a great deal, considering we sell it out of our tasting room for $18, as well.
By a strange stroke of luck, your blog entry is very timely. Today is the first Friday of the month, and every first Friday, beer bloggers everywhere write on a common theme (we call it “The Session”). I think it’s a unique thing in the blogger world, and love being a part of it. This month’s theme: Doppelbocks! So if you want to be included in our little deal, leave a comment with a link to your blog entry here:
Josh Mishell
Creative Manager
Flying Dog Brewery

You’ve gotta appreciate an organization whose representative care enough about their products to engage and embrace the blogging community. Josh actually has a great reputation for this kind of customer interaction.
And yes, I did submit for The Session #11 Dopplebock beer carnival.

Josh is a jack-of-all-trades who maintains two blogs (his own Bank Gothic Overload and Flying Dog’s In his role as creative manager for the brewery, he recently redesigned all of the Flying Dog’s packaging. In addition, Josh plays guitar for a “not exactly bluegrass” band called The Dust Farmers.
So, if you’re out and about and want to pick up some beer, and good beer at that, from a company that engages with the blogosphere, help yourself to some Flying Dog. My personal favorites are the darker beers, Road Dog and Gonzo Imperial Porter, although they are perhaps best known for their Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale.
And hey, Josh, we here at Terra Sig hope that all is cool after your apartment fire before Christmas.


4 thoughts on “More evidence Flying Dog is blog-friendly beer

  1. thanks for the post about me, things are getting back to normal for me with the whole fire thing. i’ve been out of town since wednesday, but am going back tomorrow – we’ll see if it really smells like smoke. i’m hoping not. it certainly could have been worse.

  2. Thanks for featuring a link to my blog. Josh has been great to us over at Josh, I have one more beer review to post from the samples you folks were kind enough to send our way.
    What’s this ab out a fire?

  3. No problem, Bryon – it was great to find your blog.
    Josh’s apt near the University of Denver was hit by a fire on 23 Dec as detailed in this post at his personal blog. His place was not damaged structurally but there is certain to be some smoke damage – last I heard, he was going to head back for the first time since being displaced.

  4. I checked with our distributor and it appears that central PA is an open market for Flying Dog. Better get her fast! 40,000+ college kids are waiting to try that beer.
    Mike Haubrich from the Tangled Up In Blue blog wrote lyrics to a song called They Say Theres No Beer In America, about our country’s microbrews. I put some guitar and a voice to it, made a quick recording and Mike has it up at his blog here (song mp3 after the lyrics).
    It was great to meet you at SciBlogCon08!

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