Cancer Research Carnival #4 and Skeptics’ Circle #75

I’ve been terribly remiss as of late in both promoting and submitting to blog carnivals. However, I wanted to draw your attention to an interesting new carnival and the latest edition of an old stalwart.
The Cancer Research Blog Carnival is hosted this week at written by Ben Ferguson, an MD/PhD student in cancer biology and a capella jazz singer at the University of Chicago. Ben also writes for Medscape’s med student feature, The Differential, and produces the Pritzker Podcasts for prospective students interested in the University of Chicago. In his spare time, he is probably also feeding the world’s poor and helping to negotiate a Middle East peace settlement.
Somewhere in there, Ben also found time to include in the carnival our post on Jonathan Alter’s Newsweek article about Medicare’s misguided reimbursement policy for lymphoma radioimmunotherapy. Thanks, Ben!
Founded by Bayblab, this is a carnival worthy of future growth (and support by cancer research sci/med bloggers like yours truly).

The 75th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle is hosted in Denmark by Kristjan Wager at his relatively new blog, Pro-Science. Actually, it’s been more like 10 months now, so he qualifies as a veteran. Anyway, Kristjan has been a highly-regarded commenter around these parts and it’s a pleasure to see him now write his own blog.
Go forth and fill thy minds with knowledge!

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