Small-Town Alberta Provides Big Support for Cancer Drug Trial

Although the dichloroacetate (DCA) horse has been beaten beyond recognition, PharmCanuck sends some interesting news from north of the border about how University of Alberta researchers have generated funds to support their clinical trial of this unpatented compound.
Our correspondent writes:

I was a stunned this morning when I read an online article on the CBC website ( revealing the source of the trial funding. Amazingly, almost 1/3 ($250K) of the $800K raised has come from the efforts of the small town of Peace River, Alberta (pop 6315). Another $100K has come from nearby Grimshaw, Alberta (pop 2537). Clearly, in these towns, DCA has captured the minds and hearts of the locals and they’re opening their pocketbooks!
I had no idea!

According to the article:

“It was a very simple decision for us to do,” one of the primary fundraisers in the town, radio station owner Terry Babiy, told CBC News on Wednesday.
“We just talked about it and did it.”
The Canadian Tire in the town followed Babiy’s lead by holding a car show, McDonald’s sold DCA McFlurries, and the local grocery store pledged $50,000 through its customer rewards program, he said.

I love it: McFlurries for Cancer Research!
I appreciate the tip from PharmCanuck to put up a blogpost as I struggle to meet a grant deadline this week – maybe I should start thinking about these alternative funding sources instead.

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