National Toast to Michael Jackson to Benefit Parkinson’s Disease Research

As I noted last evening, the world of beer and spirits is mourning the loss of British writer and libation enthusiast, Michael Jackson. Jackson was suffering from Parkinson’s disease but succumbed to a heart attack earlier this week at age 65.
Jackson’s Beer Hunter website/blog notes that a national toast to Jackson will be held on 30 September, with all proceeds to benefit the US National Parkinson Foundation. Stan Hieronymus writes:

If you know a brewpub, bar, tavern, ale house, tap house, multi-tap or similar establishment that might participate urge them to do so. Information will be posted at the Beer Hunter website when plans are finalized, participants will be able to register their site and download a poster, and drinkers will find a list of toast sites.

Of course, Mr Jackson belonged to the world so I suspect that similar events will pop up outside the US as well.

I’m really enjoying, albeit with sadness, reading the many messages about Michael Jackson’s life that are being posted on the thread at All About Beer Magazine. It is amazing to learn how many lives have been touched directly by this gentleman. While the bulk of the messages are about these personal stories, a bartender captured one of the great contributions of Mr Jackson:

As I sit here and read these profound words of love from some of the most important names in American brewing, this humble bartender is left with one thought.
When you go home tonight, keep the Orval, Brooklyn Chocolate Stout or 120 minute IPA in the cellar. Open a can of Miller Lite or Budweiser. Only then can you remember how far this man has taken us.
Posted by: John Haser– Tilted Kilt Pub
– Friday, August 31, 2007 at 16:43:10 (EDT)

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