Why would there still be lead in kids’ products?

EPA agrees to cut lead in kids’ products

The lawsuit also followed the death of 4-year-old Jarnell Brown of Minneapolis, who died last year from acute lead poisoning by swallowing part of a heart-shaped charm bracelet distributed by Reebok International Ltd. The child’s death was ruled accidental, but Reebok recalled 300,000 of the silver-colored, Chinese-made bracelets found to be 90 percent lead that the company had given away with its shoes.
In December, the commission began taking steps to ban, rather than recall as it has been doing, children’s jewelry containing more than 0.06 percent lead by weight – about one ounce for every 100 pounds. California and Chicago have adopted the same standard.

Uh, yeah, a ban instead of recalling products after damage is done sounds like a good idea.

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