Library catalog card

So, Shelley tagged a few of us with this fun meme. Mark and PZ have followed suit.
I am swamped with real-life work, as my posting frequency has shown as of late. I’ve neglected my New Year’s resolution to stay in better touch with my family, then promptly missed my brother-in-law’s birthday. Then I completely missed National Delurking Week.
So can I just fire off a simple meme response and be done with it? Nope.
I had to remind myself of how library call numbers work, then look in the Library of Congress subject index to figure out what prefix best fits Terra Sigillata (“R” is Medicine – “RM” is Therapeutics. Pharmacology while “RS” is Pharmacy and Materia Medica).
BTW, Orac will have a coronary when he learns that “RX” has been a legitimate Library of Congress medical subject heading for Homeopathy.
Happy weekend, folks. I’ve gotta get back to work. You can make your own.


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