Happy Birthday, PharmSis!!!

A number of years ago today, with the number ending in a zero, my parents blessed me with a little sister. I was not the nicest little brother, we fought and I was frustrated that she couldn’t read immediately upon coming home.
However, she grew to be one of my very best friends and remains the one soul who has experienced everything with me, joyous and painful. In fact, among her many gifts is to be there and mindfully present during the worst times of ones life.
When I was in grad school and she a struggling undergrad, it was PharmSis who would send me a few extra dollars she had saved from her job to help me get by a little better.
She was the rock following the death of our Dad.
She flew to be with me the day I moved out of my beloved mountain home in the days leading up to my divorce.
I only have one sibling but there was never any need for another.
Happy birthday, little sister!

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