Chris Mooney’s Southern Swing

Chris Mooney has left the stadium.
NC Triangle bloggers and medical professionals had a great three days visiting with Seed correspondent, ScienceBlogger, and author of The Republican War on Science. Chris’ book continues to pay dividends to the point that even James Carville recently invoked his message on Larry King Live.
But back to our visit:

Left to right is Dave Munger, Coturnix/Bora Zivkovic, and the guest of honor, at a Triangle blogger meet-up this past Sunday before Chris’ talk at The Regulator bookstore in Durham. In keeping with my pseudonymity, the only trace of the Pharmboy is the pint of Bellhaven Scottish Ale in the foreground. The hands reaching in from the right are those of Anton Zuiker with a CD from the other accomplished Mooney brother, jazz guitarist David Mooney. (btw, David’s disc remains in heavy rotation in my car. Davy, as he is known professionally, fled New Orleans to win third place in the Thelonious Monk Jazz Guitar competition this past spring.)
Dave Munger gives a great synopsis of Chris’ talk at Cognitive Daily and Coturnix holds forth here on Chris’ presentation the prior evening in Raleigh.
While I see Coturnix on a regular basis, it was an enjoyable experience to spend a day with Dave Munger and learn about his psychology and writing background together with that of his wife Greta, an associate professor at Davidson College, one of the country’s great liberal arts colleges. (Greta, we missed you).
I’ll have more to say shortly about Chris’ subsequent presentation…


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