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How to promote a science blogging network at a national scientific meeting

Bora Zivkovic, DrugMonkey, and I have been really impressed by this idea by the online folks over at the American Chemical Society’s Chemical & Engineering News. This week, their blog network, CENtral Science, has been promoting their presence at the upcoming national ACS meeting in Boston. Folks may not know this but ACS is the […]

Yes, Weedhopper, you can have the “same” R01 for decades

A discussion ensued yesterday among several of my learned colleagues following this post by The Genomic Repairman. Therein, TGR noted that a senior person in their field had two grants in their 27th year and 26th year, respectively. In NIH grant parlance, one is called a R01 (and that’s R-zero-one, chief), an investigator-initiated grant that […]

Support for Duke breast cancer colleagues post-Potti

I came home yesterday and looked at the mail with a shudder: the Summer 2010 issue of the biannual Duke Medicine DukeMed magazine greeted me with a cover on personal genomics in breast cancer. Oh no. As a twice-yearly publication, it was probably published weeks ago and was sitting in a warehouse ready for mailing. […]

Useful and dynamic departmental websites? Anyone? Bueller?

What do you look for in an academic department website? Any examples of truly excellent sites you’d like to suggest?

What’s the difference between HeLa and HeLa S3 cells? Part III: Theodore “Ted” Puck, PhD, and the first clonal isolation of human tumor cells

The laboratory of the renowned human geneticist developed techniques still used today to isolate clonal populations of tumor cells and used HeLa cell clones to help define minimal media requirements for tumor cell growth in vitro.

What’s the difference between HeLa and HeLa S3 cells? Part II: The life and careers of Florence Rena Sabin, MD

In the second part of the history leading up to the naming of HeLa S3 cells, we discuss the remarkable physician-scientist pioneer. The S3 cells were isolated in the University of Colorado School of Medicine research building named in her honor.

What’s the difference between HeLa and HeLa S3 cells? Part I: Launching the lab

Over a series of posts this weekend, I wish to tell you about a woman in science indirectly related to HeLa cells. She may not necessarily qualify as a “forgotten woman of science” but her story is perhaps not well-appreciated today because her contributions occurred so long ago.

Epigenetics Alert! UStream “Office Hours” with Duke’s Randy Jirtle today at noon EST

Here’s a great, last-minute opportunity to interact one-on-one with a major player in the field of environmental and dietary influences on gene expression.

How much should you know outside of your field?

The myopic drilldown in the experimental sciences is absolutely essential but how much effort should be spent on one’s breadth of knowledge?

NIDA researchers Hinds (Kentucky) and Torres (Pittsburgh) given Presidential Early Career Award

The Presidential Award for Early Career Scientists and Engineers was established in 1996 and is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on outstanding scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers.


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