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How to promote a science blogging network at a national scientific meeting

Bora Zivkovic, DrugMonkey, and I have been really impressed by this idea by the online folks over at the American Chemical Society’s Chemical & Engineering News. This week, their blog network, CENtral Science, has been promoting their presence at the upcoming national ACS meeting in Boston. Folks may not know this but ACS is the […]

Why is there so much medical misinformation in The Huffington Post?

While this is a medicine story, my question relates to why an organization known otherwise for insightful news so frequently posts medical articles that are wrong and, sometimes, downright dangerous.

Case dismissed in vaccination libel case against Amy Wallace and Dr. Paul Offit

When the facts don’t support your argument sue for libel, even if the basis of the suit is as weak as your scientific objections.

Chris Mooney with a New Year’s resolution for practicing scientists: engage more with the public and the media

In considering Chris Mooney’s latest op-ed, the best way to get scientists to interact with the public and the media is to give them actual credit for it – in academic currency, it will simply never count as much as peer-reviewed research publications or research grant dollars. Even teaching awards rarely matter in academia so I think there will have to be a huge shift in academia-think before one gets credit for teaching the public.


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