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Five favorite molecules

This post was meant to go up yesterday but I was distracted by the lengthy conversation I had with my wife, a physician-scientist, about this very topic. Many of you who attended the ScienceOnline2010 conference here last January probably met Carmen Drahl, the Princeton-trained chemist who now writes for Chemical & Engineering News and their […]

My voice has been absent from the blogosphere. . .

Another gift of LungMutiny2010 has been the temporary loss of my voice secondary to inhaled corticosteroids.

Sir James Black (1924-2010) – Physician, Pharmacologist, Gentleman

It is rare for a scientist to discover one drug that makes it to market. Sir James not only led the discovery of two major drugs, propranolol and cimetidine. As if that were not enough, each drug was a “first-in-class” agent, the first approved drug that acts via a novel mechanism of action.

Former date rape drug reincarnated as answer to unmet medical needs

Another public health benefit of studying drugs of abuse. You just never know where new drugs will come from.

Icariin from horny goat weed is structurally unrelated to sildenafil (Viagra®)

A follow-on discussion of Pfizer’s rejected patent claim and some molecular modeling thanks to valued readers, daedalus4u and Prof Ian Musgrave, respectively. You know, science blogging is cool.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium spp.) is a limp excuse for Viagra, Cialis

Horny goat weed is far from stiff competition for a prescription PDE5 inhibitor like sildenafil (Viagra).

Are testosterone-deficient men responsible for shortages of a life-saving drug for women with breast cancer?

A physician’s claim that “between 100 and 1,000 times more men than women” are on the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole raises questions behind a worldwide shortage of the drug. Are testosterone-deficient men in effect killing women with breast cancer?

Did the patient fail the treatment or did we fail the patient?

Referring to clinical drug resistance or refractoriness to therapy as “the patient failed the treatment” is pissing me off this morning before I have my coffee.

James Ray’s Sedona sweat lodge stash: lessons in polypharmacy and endocrine pharmacology

The suitcase full of supplements and prescription drugs seized in the execution of a search warrant for James Arthur Ray’s Arizona retreat hotel room provides a learning opportunity in endocrine pharmacology and drug prescribing for off-label uses.

Sir John Crofton, TB combination therapy pioneer – a long and admirable life

Denise Gellene in the New York Times is reporting this morning that Scottish physician, Sir John Crofton, passed away on 3 November at age 97. Crofton is best known for implementing a combination drug regimen to treat tuberculosis, the insidious lung infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis which decimated the US early last century and still kills […]


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