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Warning: rare self-indulgent post. Blogging has been and will be light over the next few days while we are packing up things around here to move to our next, more permanent home. In the meantime, you may have noticed here and on Twitter that part of my big news is that I will begin writing […]

From Mind Hacks: Illegal drugs found in legal highs sold in the UK

I’ve been kind of tied up with work things this week so my apologies for lack of original content. But I just had to share this with you because it was so reminiscent of the herbal adulteration story I brought you just a few days ago. Many times when I post something on drugs that […]

JUNIORPROF returns to blogging with the #PainResearchMatters campaign

As I’ve noted elsewhere, practicing biomedical scientists often turn to blogging out of passion for their work and their desire to connect with the public to raise awareness about societal benefit of their research. Exhibit A: Pain researcher, JuniorProf.  JP has come roaring back from a hiatus, joined Twitter, and has put forth a near-manifesto […]

Sustained interest in K2 Spice, JWH-018, and related currently-legal cannabimimetic products

USA Today’s Donna Leinwand spoke yesterday of proposed K2 Spice bans across the US. But a careful analysis of our traffic raises questions as to whether the US military is about to make a move in this regard.

Former date rape drug reincarnated as answer to unmet medical needs

Another public health benefit of studying drugs of abuse. You just never know where new drugs will come from.

Excellent neuroscience grad student blogger breaks my writer’s block with her flippant comment about a cytochrome P450

In which Scicurious gets offa my lawn.

Destigmatizing depression among medical (and graduate) trainees

The Clinical and Translational Science Network (CTSciNet) section of Science Careers has just published a superb article by Karyn Hede on the issues of depression precipitated during the rigors of medical education. Hede is a freelance writer in Chapel Hill and has contributed before to Science Careers, particularly with this article on the challenges of […]

Second confirmed poppy tea death in Boulder, Colorado

Legal but lethal.

Sexy autism education PSA videos from Rethinking Autism: What would Prof Nisbet (and you) say about this framing?

Using sex appeal to frame a message combatting pseudoscience. What say you?

Sage advice?: NC to join 13 states in outlawing Salvia divinorum

A widely-available plant that produces highly-disturbing hallucinations is being progressively prohibited in the US. However, as with other psychoactive natural products, salvinorin A holds promise for novel therapeutics to treat psychiatric disorders.


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