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Ah, the old days with Mom: baking, knitting, extracting DNA

What are the chances of these young women in achieving the academic heights of their mothers, even with their significant advantages?

Howsitgoin’, eh?: Nature offers $10,000CDN for outstanding research mentors

It’s pretty easy to be a crappy mentor. That’s why there are so many.

Four for Pharmboy: Thank you and a mission modification

A thank you, a request for you to delurk, and a call to bring greater diversity to ScienceBlogs.

This is why I blog: gratitude from stellar student, recovering addict seeking grad school advice

A repost for the Education channel: An amazingly personal comment gets me thinking about how we view substance abuse among our students and colleagues in academia and industry.

Dr Saul Schanberg: neuroscientist, physician, mentor, teacher, father, husband

“Saul was a warm and wonderful, high-spirited, opinionated and good humored man much loved for his infectious enthusiasm for science, his love of Duke (and Duke basketball) and most importantly his commitment to his family and friends.”

The Friday Fermentable Commencement Address

Wine, drugs, or medicine: knowledge can be used to include or exclude.

How to save a life: physician humanity

The humanity of an old physician buddy gets picked up on another blog.

How to broaden the reach and legitimacy of blogging to practicing scientists

BLOGS! Ungh! Good God y’all. What are they good for?

Dr Geraldine Pittman Woods: Minority Scholar Pioneer

For the Diversity in Science carnival, the story of a women who made a different for all underrepresented groups in the biomedical sciences that continues today.

Center for American Progress’s “Science Progress” features yours truly

“Don’t Bury the Next Generation of Researchers Under Billions in NIH Funding”


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