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Sir James Black (1924-2010) – Physician, Pharmacologist, Gentleman

It is rare for a scientist to discover one drug that makes it to market. Sir James not only led the discovery of two major drugs, propranolol and cimetidine. As if that were not enough, each drug was a “first-in-class” agent, the first approved drug that acts via a novel mechanism of action.

Correction to James Ray Sedona sweat lodge post

Commenters from AllThingsMuscle tell me that it’s “testosterone replacement therapy,” not bodybuilding.

Another addition to the tribe and honor for physician and humanitarian, Dr. Robert A. Hingson

A colleague’s accolades for epidural anesthesia during childbirth lead to a discussion of one of the pioneers of this technique whose career also included invention of a crucial tool in the eradication of smallpox.

Clifton Leaf: “a legal frenzy that’s diverting scientists from doing science”

Revisiting an old article on the Bayh-Dole Act leads us to wonder whether US university ownership of discoveries from federally-funded research has hindered medical progress.

Sir John Crofton, TB combination therapy pioneer – a long and admirable life

Denise Gellene in the New York Times is reporting this morning that Scottish physician, Sir John Crofton, passed away on 3 November at age 97. Crofton is best known for implementing a combination drug regimen to treat tuberculosis, the insidious lung infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis which decimated the US early last century and still kills […]

“We figured out during the case that it was saying hamburger”

Remove the entire lung? Uh, no, I won’t be doing that.

Watching Whooping Cough Way Out West

“Getting vaccinated is not only sensible in terms of personal health, it is the socially responsible thing to do. It is essentially a civic duty, not unlike how trimming flammable brush protects the neighbors’ homes from fire as well.” – Durango (Colorado) Herald News 14 Jan 2009

Dr Charles is back in The Examining Room

The human behind the humanist medical/literary blog returns from hiatus. I’m already feeling much better.

With love and admiration: Congratulations PharmGirl, MD!

On July 1st in medical centers across the US, one door closes and another opens.

Pediatric cancer patient checks in at age 55; beneficiary of Dr Charlotte Tan’s actinomycin D work

For all of you parents of children with cancer, here’s what your kids might be doing in 50 years.


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