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Warning: rare self-indulgent post. Blogging has been and will be light over the next few days while we are packing up things around here to move to our next, more permanent home. In the meantime, you may have noticed here and on Twitter that part of my big news is that I will begin writing […]

The Henrietta Lacks Foundation awards first assistance grants to HeLa descendants

Yesterday, author Rebecca Skloot made the following announcement at her website: Today, the Henrietta Lacks Foundation awarded its first ever grants thanks to donations from Rebecca Skloot, and many readers. The first awards cover full tuition and books for five descendants of Henrietta Lacks starting fall semester 2010, as well as an emergency grant for […]

Congratulations to Anton Zuiker on 10 years of blogging!

Anton Zuiker, author of the mistersugar blog, posted Friday on the occasion of his 10th anniversary of blogging. Here was my comment: Congratulations, Anton! Your love for a good story and selfless innovative thinking about community infected me five years ago and I consider myself extremely enriched by having you in my real and online […]

Bora leaves ScienceBlogs with superb history and analysis of science blogging

His long-awaited analysis of the Pepsigate #sbfail episode is superb and he provides an unparalleled history of science blogging, its relationship with the legacy media, and his views of the future. He ends on an optimistic note, so I hope that his leaving the network is a GoodThing for both him and his family.
Bora has been and will continue to be a great blog mentor. I am most fortunate to know him in real life as well.

Brendan Koerner in Wired how, why, and if Alcoholics Anonymous works

An example of excellent science, medicine, and health writing on a topic dear to my heart and liver.

Catherine Clabby covers Frank Stasio (WUNC-FM’s The State of Things) for Durham Magazine

“This is so Durham.”

Boy howdy! We’ve hooked Superbug’s Maryn McKenna!

A warm-welcome to yet another top-tier science writer, this time in the area of infectious diseases and food safety.

What does it take to knock off K2 Spice readership?

Interest in Henrietta Lacks overtakes the stoners and the erectile-challenged.

Marking the magnificent memory of Henrietta Lacks

The single most moving day in my life as a scientist.

What’s my poison? Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, author, professor Deborah Blum

Her latest book, The Poisoner’s Handbook, appeals to my love of chemistry, toxicology, and the history of science and medicine. And now she’s here at ScienceBlogs!


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