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This is why I blog: from rock bottom to top tier

A dear commenter, formerly an addict and homeless, updates us on her quest to get into a PhD program and expresses gratitude to the 60 or so readers who gave her invaluable advice and counsel.

Howsitgoin’, eh?: Nature offers $10,000CDN for outstanding research mentors

It’s pretty easy to be a crappy mentor. That’s why there are so many.

Welcome back Nature Network blogs!

Our colleagues at Nature Network have adopted the Movable Type 4 blogging platform and a nice new user-friendly interface.

Amy Bishop UAH case: What role should personality or collegiality play in tenure decisions?

Following from a superb interview with a colleague of Dr. Amy Bishop, a general academic question arises: Assuming that a candidate for tenure meets all quantitative criteria for teaching, research, and service, do you feel that collegiality – or whatever you want to call it: teamwork, cooperation – should be an important factor in making academic tenure decisions?

How much should you know outside of your field?

The myopic drilldown in the experimental sciences is absolutely essential but how much effort should be spent on one’s breadth of knowledge?

#scio10 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Session: Engaging Underrepresented Groups in Online Science Media

How can we best offer the benefit of online networking and communication to underrepresented minority groups, first-generation college students, and low-income familes? More broadly, can social media and online communication be used to enhance diversity in the biomedical sciences?

Four for Pharmboy: Thank you and a mission modification

A thank you, a request for you to delurk, and a call to bring greater diversity to ScienceBlogs.

Today, The Chronicle. Tomorrow, The World! A Scientist’s Guide to Academic Etiquette by Female Science Professor

What advice do you have for playing nicely in the academic sandbox?

Dr Saul Schanberg: neuroscientist, physician, mentor, teacher, father, husband

“Saul was a warm and wonderful, high-spirited, opinionated and good humored man much loved for his infectious enthusiasm for science, his love of Duke (and Duke basketball) and most importantly his commitment to his family and friends.”

The Friday Fermentable Commencement Address

Wine, drugs, or medicine: knowledge can be used to include or exclude.


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